2012 reel

There’s some 3D animation here, created with 3D Studio Max, as well as After Effects compositing, motion graphics and stop motion.…read more

bud light: circus

This remains one of my favourite commercial animations that I’ve worked on. It was conceived and directed in all its wackiness by Sean Wainsteim when at Ghostmilk.…read more

yahoo mnemonic

These animations were produced at Red Rover Studios. The client had asked for a few variations of the three second design to be fully animated.…read more

2008 reel

After Effects animation and design created between 2004 & 2008. Many of these projects were developed with folks at TMN, Family Channel, Red Rover Studios, Ghostmilk, and Electric Company.…read more

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Peg van Dam and Syd Bleicher had written a book together called the Ultimate Puppy Toolkit, and needed it to be translated to the web, so it could be more widely available to those in need of solid Puppy Training techniques.…read more

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Toronto holistic nutritionist Loreta Duti asked me to design a site for her new health consultation business.…read more