stop motion artist bio Stephanie Dudley

photos by scarlet o’neill

I’m a stop motion artist based in Toronto, Canada. I started out in animation and design while I was a fine arts student at OCAD, working part time at YTV. Since 2001 I’ve worked through my production company, Fork Studio, on tons of creative projects: commercials, documentaries, and short films, and have won a few awards along the way.

I can work in a lot of media, but lately I’ve been focussing on creating sets and puppets for stop motion animation. I love creating miniature worlds, and I’m especially drawn to making poetry films. My goal is to create paintings in motion, to reflect certain intangible moods through an image, and to communicate emotions that can’t quite be put into words. In experimenting with lighting and cinematography, the choices of colour, composition, and visual depth can provide an unspoken energy to the image. Because of my background in drawing and painting, so much of filmmaking is, for me, figuring out how to communicate in subtle ways, without words.

I’m also interested in poetry and language. In the end, the quiet emotional film image becomes a conversation between the metronomes of non-narrative, poetic storytelling, and music.

If you have an animation project you’d like me to work on, or just want to say hello, please get in touch.