early stop motion reel


This reel includes stop motion projects I worked on from when I first experimented with stop motion while at YTV in the late 90s, as well as a kids’ show opening for HBO, and some work for Teletoon, created at Spin Productions. The Teletoon puppet was shot against a greenscreen background, and later composited into a 2D scene (comped and designed by me) in After Effects.

The first projects, shot at YTV, were short bumpers and IDs for their after-school programming segment Bzone, and Treehouse, which was a time slot for younger kids. Both animations won what were to become my first BDA awards. The Treehouse one was shot with a regular stills film camera, which I do not recommend! The film roll was later outputted to DVDs and needed to be stabilized, frame by frame, in post.

Music by Man Man.


  • puppet design (various)
  • animation (all)
  • set building (various)
  • design and compositing (various)