Forgot to Mention…

I forgot to mention some great news — I was awarded a FAP grant from the NFB…  an award for new filmmakers.  I am super thrilled to be working with the NFB, if only for now to have help with the costs of post production.  Perhaps one day I’ll be making a short film with them.  I already have ideas 😉

Annnnd I am going to be interviewed Monday by CTV, for their show Bravo!FACT Presents.  I am extremely camera shy, so I am trying very hard not to freak out about it.  I’m sure it’ll go well!  (…psyching myself up.)

4 thoughts on “Forgot to Mention…

  1. Shelley Noble

    Nah uh nuh uh, no way. No way are you going to be camera shy girl. Not with your pro chops. I’ve seen and heard you in your tutorials, you’re fabulous!

    Maybe just pretend you’re blogging? You know, blogging with a camera? I mean, think about it, these people are coming there to make you look GREAT! They want to show you off in the best light. They chose you b/c they rightly thought a lot of your gifts. On your side, they.

    Congrats on the grant. I’m ignorant. Does such a grant mean you can simply make your films w/o working on other things for a time?

  2. stephanie dudley

    That’s a good way to look at it 🙂 Also I try to remember it’s not like it’s Live TV or anything — they can edit out all the “uuuuuuuhhhs…” and such.

    Well the FAP grant is a finishing grant, where they pay up to 2 of your post production suppliers, anywhere up to $5K. I’m going to use that money towards sound design and music recording.

    The grant from Bravo! is covering the majority of the other film expenses, though I DID still have to work on paid gigs for periods while doing the film, to pay the bills. Basically the grants cover hard costs — equipment rentals, art supplies, etc. There’s not much in the way of labour funding (i.e. I am not getting paid to do any of this.)

  3. Shelley Noble

    OH, thank you for explaining, I see. I think it’s ok, this working for pay elsewhere and making film art, don’t you? I like being able to make it entirely my way and as a pleasure rather than another job.

    Plus, like you said about how much you were able to savor the fabrication and animation phases, I like making art as part of the process of living.

  4. stephanie dudley

    Yes, and that definitely shows in your work Shelley, the joy and love that goes into your artistic process! I think that’s important, for sure.

    This is a new thing for me, oddly enough, the idea of doing animation as art. I love it. For years I had thought the only way to do anything personally expressive was through painting (cuz that’s what I studied at school) and it never occurred to me that I could combine what I do for a living with something more creative. I can’t believe it took so long, now I see it as the only way to live!


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