Funny Things

Stop motion sometimes makes us do funny things, like put $25 worth of overly coloured hair gel down the drain, through a strainer, to strain out the clear plastic beads and fimo carrots.

Love also sometimes makes us do funny things, like asking at the drug store for some clear hair gel, and testing some different kinds out with the clerk to make sure they’re clear because they’re in coloured bottles.  Having to explain, vaguely and with embarrassment, that it’s for an “art project…”  Then presenting 3 bottles, or over 1 Litre of hair gel, at the cash counter and bringing it home for one’s sweetie.  (I’m glad I didn’t need 1L of KY jelly for this project, though he probably would have bought that, too…)

2 thoughts on “Funny Things

  1. Shelley Noble

    So, your sweetie tested, selected and paid for clear hair gel for the film?! That’s a true art patron! Keep them.

    But what the hell kind of hair gel comes with Fimo carrots in it?! 0.0 Or do you mean you used the coloring to dye these things? If so, save it in a jar by straining over it instead of the drain? Unless you don’t want to keep jars of dye around.

  2. stephanie dudley

    Haha! The fimo carrots came separately 🙂

    What happened was I had bought a bunch of hair gel, and coloured it with ink, only to realize I’d made it too dark for the underlighting (hard to explain… but basically the pot is being lit from below… and the coloured gel wasn’t allowing light thru.) I had already added the stuff to it to make it soup-like, but when I realized it wouldn’t work, I decided to dump the gel (not foreseeing any use for dark brown hair gel anytime soon…)

    Anyway now I have the clear gel, and it works! Indeed my sweetie is awesome… yep, I’ll keep him 🙂


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