We Have Hairdos, Yes.

My friend Loretta came by last week to cut and style all the puppets’ hair.  There are no hairdon’ts here.  Nosir.  I think they’re looking great.

First of all, this character absolutely slays me.  Is she not insanely cute?  She’s not the main character though — she’s her sister, Abigail:

Here’s the Dad, Xosé Luís.  We’re not 100% sure yet about his long 70s shag haircut; this might be cut shorter and more traditional once he’s wearing his costume…

Loretta gave the Mom, Liberdade, just the right type of look, I think.  Not 100% sure about the wire at the back; I might paint this to knock it back a bit.  Have to wait and see, again, once she’s in costume:

Finally, there’s Sabela, with her new ‘do.  Similar to the old one… it’s meant to look like she did it herself.  It’s a little-kid-ponytail.

And here’s Loretta’s fancy toolkit, and Loretta at work.  She’s brushing boiling water on the puppet to try and hold the nylon hair in place.  We later fixed the hair with some glue called “scenic cement” that’s intended for model railroad foliage.  So the up-dos are not coming down — they’re rock solid.

Thanks Loretta — you are a genius!

9 thoughts on “We Have Hairdos, Yes.

  1. Shelley Noble

    OMG, these puppets are stunningly gorgeous, Stephanie. Crazy adorable all! Whoa. Abigail is absolutely insanely cute.

    I love the style of the characters, the tone of Victorian refinement and unkempt frazzle, distress and quiet. Perfect.

  2. Miriam

    Stephanie! I finally wormed my way into your BLOG…….I have to say, the camera take amazing looking pictures – how the focus looks and how soft the faces appear pleases me. The main character (Sabella?) looks exeptiaonlly good – she looks cute but a little worried at the same time – you definitley get a sense of personality (Just from the still pictures).

    Weirdly enough my favorite haircut (though I like them all) is the Mom’s – I like the slightly shaggy look, with her long face.

  3. stephanie dudley

    hi Miriam! I’m glad you made it here!!!

    They do photograph well, don’t they? I think the mom turned out well, too… maybe next time you’re here they’ll have their costumes! woot! I’m getting the dad back from Alli tonight — she is really happy with him so I’m imagining he’s looking awesome.

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