I’m Back!

I tried to find a photo online of the “Men’s Clinic” subway ad that I stole the title of this post from, but unfortunately no-one has captured the image of the older guy standing ankle-deep in the ocean, with his business-suit pants rolled up, briefcase in hand, arms thrown into the air in a Victory “V.”   Oh well, it would have been an inside joke for Torontonians who ride the subway, anyway.

I’m truly sorry for neglecting this blog for so long, and more so for neglecting the film.  But I’m here to announce that I’m starting back on the film this week!  Which means there will be, once more, regular blog posts, until the film is done.  I’m making the commitment to not take on any big jobs til then, and have already turned down a couple, which was hard.  But I HAVE to finish the film.

I took on a project a couple weeks ago for my good friend Sean Wainsteim, who is also doing a short for Bravo!Fact.  His is live action, but he needed some short chapter title sequences, which I built 4 vignettes for and animated in stop-motion.  The animation is very simple, but the designs turned out looking great (in my humble opinion!).  It was a lot of fun, and it got me back into the studio again.  I’ll be posting them here next week, once his trailer is online.

In the meantime, I’m starting to sort through all my old files again.  I’ve already done a complete cleanup of the studio, which felt great, as I’d made a huge mess working on Sean’s project.  It’s a little intimidating to dive back into my own film after having had several months off, because it’s really hard to remember where I left off.  I discovered while shooting Sean’s title sequences that I’d completely forgotten everything about cameras and stop motion software and the interaction of the two.  I’d almost completely forgotten everything about lighting, though I did manage to build a small softbox.  But it’s coming back…

Thanks to everyone who’s stayed in touch (Mark, Shelley  — thanks for your beautiful card!, and DarkStrider… thanks for the info in the previous, ancient post…) and to anyone who’s still reading!

PS.  I just upgraded my WordPress account (which was not an easy undertaking…  yikes.)  So things may be a little wonky for a while.  Thanks.

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