Lots of good news…

So, the festival applications have been coming along well.  I’ve sent off the final film on HDCams, in both English and French, to Annecy.  And have just sent off an application to a festival in Ukraine!  To apply, I sent a version of the film with Ukrainian text, translated by a friend of Erín Moure’s, Albina, who lives in Ukraine.  She had already translated Erín’s poems (the entire Homages to Water series from Little Theatres), and was kind enough to translate the credits of the film into Ukrainian, too.  It’s so exciting to see the film in cyrillic letters!  I guess cabbages seem well suited to this language.  And the festival sounds so exciting… it takes place on a boat, travelling the Black Sea from Kyiv to Odessa.

I’ve also just heard that the film has been accepted to SICAF in Seoul, South Korea!

The language dilemma appears again… I guess I have to get used to sending the film out just in Galician with English subtitles, and letting go of the whole translation idea…  As tough as that is.  Not sure what else to do.  Unless, anyone knows of any Korean- and English-speaking poets?…  🙂

3 thoughts on “Lots of good news…

  1. Shelley Noble

    How cool to see your film in other languages. (Perhaps the other countries without their own translations could appreciate the film’s beauty as the exquisite art piece it is even without hearing the poem in their language?) When I started thinking of making films as a child, I knew that I wanted it to be without any language so that it could be broadcast on international television without language being in the way for the audience. I felt that way because I was watching these extraordinary Czechoslovakian stop motions with sub-titles and it really bothered me not to see the film in it’s native language, as if it were made for people other than myself. Stupid to feel that way I know but I did. Heck–I am too uncouth to have understood the poem in my own language but it was all so visually lush and rich and interesting I didn’t care!

  2. stephanie dudley

    WOW, you found stop motion that young, let alone Czech stop motion? Shelley, that is super cool. 🙂

    I didn’t (sadly) think this far ahead, somehow, about the subtitling issues. I guess I just imagined it playing on Bravo here in Canada, so at most I thought it might need to be in French, as well as English… but the prospect of world festivals did not really occur to me when I first started out. Oh well, next time I’ll try to be a bit more prepared.


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