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invisible harvests

Invisible Harvests is a short stop motion & timelapse film that is in currently in production. It’s an experimental poetry film, exploring a variety of themes related to fermented foods.…read more

little theatres: homage to the mineral of cabbage

Also known as Teatriños : Homenaxe ao mineral do repolo. This is my first independent short film, and was based on the poem “Homage to the Mineral of Cabbage” (in Galician, Homenaxe ao mineral do repolo) by Erín Moure.…read more

krampusnacht, the quietest

Here’s an animation that I made for an art show at Resistor Gallery in Toronto. The theme of the show was Krampus, the demonic character who goes around at Christmastime with St Nicholas, punishing the children who’ve been bad.…read more