Some Mysterious Studio Portraits

I tidied up my studio today, and had to take some pictures of the occasion.  It won’t stay this organized for long!

It was hard to decide which pictures to show here, though.  I really don’t want to give too much away about the film yet.  So, here are some studio shots, with just the right amount of closeups and blurriness to keep things mysterious…  No set in sight, and you can only see puppets from the Puppet Morgue.

reference area

the view outside

some important references... 70s eatons catalogues!

the innards of the footlights

some very important, very borrowed gear

urethane foam components and armature wire

danger magnets

lighting grid above the set

i've always wanted a mitre saw -- they're so handy!


oooh, part of the set!

where i paint stuff

the studio just wouldn't be right without francis bacon watching over it

part of the puppet morgue

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