Very Quick Update

Oh dear, I haven’t updated in a LONG time.  This summer is flying by.

I’m still working away on the film.  I’m currently 2/3 of the way through my 30-second 2D / 3D sequence.  The technique here is similar to the oil-on-glass technique of 2D animation, but I’m using something I did in 3DS Max as a reference, projecting it onto my “glass” (I’m using acrylic-coated paper) and rotoscoping.   An experiment for me, since I’ve never really done traditional 2D animation (thus the rotoscoping!) but it’s actually going pretty well.

I will post pictures of this setup soon…

There are only 2 more months left in my film schedule.  In this time, I have to finish shooting the oil paint elements, shoot some transitions and text elements (going to shoot these rather than After-Effects them — a recent decision, but I think it’ll look much better!)… compositing and rig removal (thankfully have some help with this though),  editing… title sequences… initial colour correction with Marcus and then hopefully with an in-suite colourist…  sound recording in Montreal (whee!), followed by sound design here in Toronto, and then… loads of finishing touches, I guess!

I will keep you posted more frequently as time permits!  :)  Due date to Bravo!:  October 1st…

3 thoughts on “Very Quick Update

  1. Shelley Noble

    Woo, sounds so interesting and great. Looking forward to seeing what wonderful things you are creating there.

    You are so organized and well scheduled! So much more professional an approach. That’s likely because you are one!

  2. stephanie dudley

    Shelley — I am really motivated by deadlines — if there was no deadline, it would be 1000x harder to be this organized! (And I always feel like I could be *more* organized than I am… these posts with the schedules are an attempt to keep on track — sometimes it doesn’t quite work out as intended. but I try!)

    Rich — hehe, YES!

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