x company on cbc


The creators of the CBC show X Company asked 10 artists to interpret a scene from each of the show’s ten episodes. Each artist received a storyboard to work from, without context or any glimpse of what the live action was like. We were asked to interpret the storyboards however we wanted to, in our own style.

Over the course of 2.5 months, I designed and built the 6 puppets, built the set, lit and animated the scene, and finally finished the project off with some graphics, sound design, and compositing. Allison Easson designed and sewed the amazing puppet costumes — we were both really excited about choosing fabrics and styling the wardrobe in the 1940s era.

The scene appeared, along with a Behind the Scenes video, on the CBC X Company website the day before the episode (Season 2, Episode 3) went on air.

Wardrobe designed by Allison Easson. Props assistance by Andrew Heffron. Sound Effects from freesfx.co.uk and Technicolor. Thanks to Evan DeRushie and Philip Eddolls for the motion control rig.


  • art direction
  • director of photography
  • animation
  • set design
  • puppet design
  • design & compositing