Xosé Luís

Finally!  I’d like to introduce Sabela’s Dad, Xosé Luís.

OK, I’m still getting the hang of this sculpting with nylon stockings.  It’s not as easy as it looks!

I’m just thankful that the little dude will be wearing very heavy clothes to cover up the seams and oddities.  I’m honestly not too sure why I seamed his legs up the front, when he’ll be sitting in a chair…?

I’m very pleased with how his face turned out though; note that he will look a lot less like Geddy Lee once his hair gets cut to a short new ‘do.

And… I’m still sewing her, but here is the Mom, Liberdade, in progress.

I sure hope I haven’t broken any rules of puppetmaking by taking photos of her BEFORE she has eyes!  I realized after that I might be going against the flow here.  But I just couldn’t wait.

5 thoughts on “Xosé Luís

  1. Irene

    Great work Steph! Can’t wait to meet the family on my next visit. When they’re all done, you’ll need to do a family portrait for sure!

  2. Mike Brent

    Hmmmm…. nude family portrait…. yeah, definitely something dark, weird and Shakespearean going on there!

    You could wrap a little padding around the legs if you’re worried about that seam. Probably not necessary though.

  3. stephanie dudley

    Yeah, it’ll be weird, but I won’t be getting the final 3 characters’ clothes for a few weeks at least…. ah well. As for the seam, I’m PRETTY sure it won’t show — his pants are going to be a really heavy velour / velvet type deal. (It’s supposed to be the 70s!) We’ll see…


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