Montreal Stop Motion Film Fest, News that Can’t be Spoken Of Yet, and KROK

I’ve had a draft of my Annecy Report here half-written for ages… I’m very sorry for being so slow!  It’s just been a beautiful summer here, and have been spending time away from the computer.

But I wanted to write quickly, for anyone who would like to apply, that there is a fairly new stop motion festival in Montreal that sounds great.  I am applying for it, and hope to see / meet some of you there as well!

Montreal is a fantastic city… I can’t wait to go back.  Assuming the film gets in… you never know.  Well, either way, I will visit soon.

I have other exciting news, but can’t announce it yet, so that’s all I can say for now!  Which is not much.

Oh, and the film has been accepted into KROK, the Ukrainian Animation festival that takes place on a boat, while travelling the Black Sea.  I’m looking forward to that!  Edit:  The list of films is quite different from those screened at Annecy… which is EXCITING!!!  I wonder what the film “Modern Spleen” will be like?…  What an intriguing title!

That’s all for now… maybe we will have a rainy day here soon so that I can finish my Annecy post.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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