70s Kitchen Spookiness

OK, it’s not really spooky.  At least I hope not.  But here is the kitchen set for the film…  with all freshly installed lights.  (N.B. the set isn’t properly lit yet; I’m just using the practical lights within the set, and in most of these images, the main light overhead lights of the studio.  In the images where the lights are off, the effect is similar to that of a face being lit from beneath with a flashlight, Blair Witch style.  Or maybe it just feels that way because it’s almost Hallowe’en.  Anyhoo…)

Happy All Hallows’ Eve!

11 thoughts on “70s Kitchen Spookiness

  1. stephanie dudley

    Thanks, guys… Though Shelley, I’ve been working on this (set and puppets) for 5 months, and have had lots of help with building the miniature props. It doesn’t seem that fast to me, maybe because I’m used to super-quick commercial projects! Melvyn — just wait til it’s lit properly, you might change your mind! 😉

  2. Mike Brent

    Wow… folks, we have a new Suzie Templeton on our hands!

    Amazing details in the set. It seems superfast to us because we haven’t seen anything till just now, and it seems like all this work is getting done between posts.

  3. stephanie dudley

    !!! (blush)

    thanks Mike, and Justin…

    Most of the work *is* being shown as it happens, except for this post… I was a little shy at the beginning of showing my set… You know, the old question of “how much can I show without giving away the whole film?” Because the kitchen set is pretty important (well, I guess it’s all pretty important) to the story, I was hesitant to give it away. (I had only shown a couple of teensy tiny snippets of this kitchen before!)

    The theatre itself and the kitchen set were the first things to be built, followed by the puppets. I started this blog around the time I was finishing the first of the puppets… which was already 3 months or so in to the project.

    So yeah, I should have explained that. Tomorrow I could be posting the finished film and saying “it’s done, whee!” 😉

  4. Paul Henderson

    I have to say That the kitching is graet and all the deetales well wht can I say.
    Hollowin jer ok but the lighting dus it justest.
    Have a happy one

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