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I want to announce, publicly, so you can all hold me to it, my intentions with what’s going to happen when the film is done.  That moment is so far away, but I have to think about these things; these thoughts and plans keep me motivated.

First, I need to describe the band who’ll be scoring the film.  They’re called QAT, and they’re based in Montreal.  They’re a group of 4 talented young musicians, who like to collaborate with other artists working in different media.  They also like to improvise… and they’re very good at it.  So, when the film is done, I’ll be taking the train to Montreal to meet up with them, and let them watch the film, jam, and come up with something great, on the spot, in a recording studio!

It’s a little daring, but I know they’ll do a fantastic job…

Listening to songs like Monts et Merveilles, or Improv4 Birds, on their Myspace page, I can’t help but picture little animations in my head.

And here’s a video (taken from their myspace) of part of a performance, which I really like:

OK.  So my plan is this:  When the film is done, I would love to organize a live performance somewhere (I guess Montreal would be the most practical place) where the film can be projected on a large screen, accompanied by a live performance by the band, and a live reading by the poet, Erín Moure.  Now, I haven’t actually run this idea by either the band or Erín, so I don’t know how open they’d be to it… the band I’m pretty sure would be totally into it, so I just have to ask Erín.  But this is many many months away, anyway.  It’s all just a dream right now.  At the moment, it’s nice to dream!

Ideally I’d love to do a performance like this in Montreal AND Toronto, but that’s the super-extra-special dream.  🙂

In the cherry-on-top version of the dream, the first live performance would take place on World Cabbage Day 2010 (because there’s no way the film will be done by Feb 2009.)

So, that’s the plan!  What do you think?