Introducing… Shelley’s Boiling Water!

A while back, I got a cute little package in the mail from Shelley — it was a little baggy of gel water, along with some tiny glass beads.  Well, I knew I’d get a chance to use this, because I needed to have a pot full of boiling water in the film… which gets turned into cabbage soup.

So, here it is — in two parts.  In part one, I’ve animated the puppet and cabbage leaves; then animated the boiling water as a separate pass.  (I can only handle one or two complicated things at a time when I’m animating, and it seemed like it would be easier to stabilize the pot and comp in the water in post…)

Sabela Cuts Cabbage Leaves from Stephanie Dudley on Vimeo.

I ended up cutting the leaves before shooting, with the intention to clean up the seams in post.  I used blue fun-tak to stick the leaves to this wire as they fell into the pot.  The wire was pretty difficult to control — it may have been too long — but it ended up looking OK.  The gel was really easy to animate — I just poked at it randomly, and moved the beads around with each frame.  I didn’t even need to tint it further than it was already — the greenish hue turned out to be a nice contrast to the coppery pot.  I used only the larger beads, which were about 2mm in diameter, set on top of the gel, as the water is slightly out of focus, so the glints of light seemed to work best as “bubbles” with those.

I’m in the process of putting together a little lighting tutorial on this scene, as I’m rather pleased with how the lighting turned out.  So there’s more to come on this…

Thanks for the water sampler kit, Shelley!  It worked great!

4 thoughts on “Introducing… Shelley’s Boiling Water!

  1. Shelley Noble

    SENSATIONAL JOB!! Stephanie, that fits your film’s style so perfectly! You rocked that boiling water like a hurricane! (in American parlance that means you killed it good) I’m so chuffed! (in English parlance that means proud and bursting with joy)

  2. stephanie dudley

    Thanks Shelley! I am indeed fluent in 80s metal band language, as it’s completely universal! And chuffed is one of my favourite words, so I’m pleased that you’re feeling that way! I’m pretty chuffed about the water shot, too 😀

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